What Are Mink Eyelashes?

Mink eyelashes are the most expensive and luxurious looking of all false eyelashes. Although available as lash extensions, they are normally found as strip lashes that are applied as when required.

False eyelashes have been around since 1916 when D. W. Griffith had a wig maker weave human hair through gauze and then glued to the eyeline of actress Seena Owen in the film Intolerance. No one really took much notice until the 60s, when they came back into fashion and were then made from synthetic substances. Mink eyelashes are more recent and preferred by celebrities who do not always wish for permanent implants.

Mink eyelashes are made from selected mink fur hairs that are simply brushed from live mink by hand. They are not subjected to chemicals or dyes and thus retain their rich velvety appearance. Their appearance is why so many of the A list celebrities wear them.

To care for your mink eyelashes, think of them like a mink coat! Don’t sleep in them or bring them into contact with water. Remove them carefully and then store properly when you don’t need them and they will last for up to 25 applications.

Your lashes will cost anywhere between $100 to $300 for a reasonable set and come as complete strips, bejewelled or in small clusters. You can also get individual lashes for lash extensions if you prefer this option, but of course you will need to have these professionally applied.

Beware when looking for mink eyelashes if you find cheap ones, as these are likely to be fakes. Look for high quality strip lashes that guaranteed to be 100% natural mink fur and you won’t be disappointed with your choice.

Source by Carrie Westengate

(Hypodermic Fat) Cellulite

What is Cellulite?

Cellulite is a hypodermic fat, which causes the dimpling of an individual’s skin particularly of women’s thighs and hips. It really sounds like a medical condition but the truth is that, it is only the normal fat found beneath the people’s skin. The fat is the primary reason why there is a bumpy skin on the certain portion of the human body, simply because it pushes against the body’s connective tissues. It is not really harmful though some people would want to get rid of it due to its outer appearance.

What are the causes?

There are people who consider having cellulites a blessing particularly for women despite of the fact that some really don’t like having the bumpy looks of their thighs and butt. As a matter of fact, some people tend to find the right solution to make sure that their cellulites on the skin are not too obvious and too much either. Some of the factors that are seen possible why an individual is getting too much cellulite in their body are named. Perhaps, still being discovered for stronger reason regarding how they contribute to the production of cellulites in the body. Here are the following causes why an individual really gets higher cellulites in any portion of their body.

• Having a poor diet.

• Slow metabolism.

• Dehydration of the body.

• Large amount of body fat.

• Thickness and the color of skin.

• Lack of doing physical activities.

• Changes of hormones.

The mentioned causes really seems pertaining to the primary health care of an individual. Perhaps, it is showing lack of having proper diet and exercise which highly contribute on the product of the cellulites inside the body. Moreover, natural human body changes (hormonal changes) are also a great factor for having cellulites in the body. While it is often noticeable on people who have lighter skin, those with darker complexion shows its lesser. So those with lighter skin who has obvious cellulites should be searching the best cellulite solution out there.

What are the treatments?

There can be different ways on how to treat and reduce cellulite fast. Products and treatments can possibly take away all of the cellulite found on the thighs and within the buttocks. There are these options that you can actually use if you decide to take away excessive cellulite in your skin and bring back the flawless look of your hips, thighs, and butt.

Massage and Spa

A natural solution for having cellulite removal can be through massage and spa. This treatment does not produce harmful effects though they can be a temporary effect only for reducing the dimpling looks of the skin. This solution can only deliver good solution to remove excessive body fluid but not basically on removing thoroughly the cellulites in the skin.


For people searching for quick solution for their cellulite, liposuction is one of the common options. It is a surgical procedure that is also designed for removing fat deposits coming from the body. However, liposuction is intended for removing deep fat and not primarily for cellulites which can only be found beneath the person’s skin. If not properly done, or even when this procedure is acquired, there is a possibility of that the appearance of the skin could be worse than before that the cellulites are not yet removed.

Cellulite Creams

Cellulite treatments like cellulite creams can be an effective way to have better skin looks. It is said that these creams are effective upon dissolving the fats within the skin and basically smoothen the skin. However, it should be part of the knowledge of the user (like you) to know that there are some cellulite creams which contains aminophylline (a drug prescription for those who have asthma). There is no direct evidence yet that these creams with aminophylline are already effective in reducing cellulite or if it can be harmful for some other users.

The apparent effect of aminophylline to the cellulite may happen due to its capacity to narrow down the blood vessels and force the water coming from the skin may be dangerous for those users with current circulatory problems.


This is the kind of therapy which is said to be effective in removing cellulites in the skin. This treatment involves the process of injecting specific substances like amino acids, vitamins, minerals, and enzymes in the tissues beneath the skin. This treatment can possibly break down the fats or cellulites and improve the appearance of the skin as well. However, one should be guided of the possibility too that there can be risks in undergoing to the procedure. The risks include potential infection and irregular contours of the person.

Laser Treatment

There are manufacturers of laser treatment solutions showing a proof that this could really be one of the most effective solutions to remove cellulites. The fats are even said to be effectively melted away and achieving a better skin appearance due to its capacity to stimulate collagen is also possible. Laser treatments are even preferred treatment due to its fast and effective solution though it is really quite an expensive treatment.

What is the prevention?

The prevention of cellulite’s production can be done without any treatment involved. It is only by making sure to stay healthy and achieve an overall physical fitness. Moreover, these cellulites on bum and on butt will no longer look saggy because losing weight is an ideal key for getting the best shape of the body. These prevention solutions when achieved can create a better appearance of an individual.

If you are one of those who are currently experiencing low self- steam or confidence due to your visible cellulites, have the best cellulite solution. By losing weight through proper diet and exercise, it is not impossible for you to achieve your desired shape and appearance of the skin. Finally, after having a hard time to discipline yourself to work out and have the proper diet you can already flaunt your skin with no visible cellulites at all.

Source by Abbad Fatani

Elizabeth Arden Eight Hour Cream – Best Awarded and Recognized Lip Cream

Elizabeth Arden Eight Hour Cream Lip Protectant Stick Sheer Tint was created in 1930 by Elizabeth Arden. It is a very renowned cream and is portable and very protective for the lips.

The product has the following features:

• It is a very light cream.

• It is available in many shades.

• It is very portable and handy.

• It has very softening effect.

• It has a plenty of vitamin E and sunscreen with Sun Protective Factor of 15.

• It also provides antioxidants protection.

• It moisturizes and sooths the lips.

Elizabeth Arden Eight Hour Cream Lip Protectant Stick Sheer Tint has a lot of benefits as well. Some of them are as follows:-

• It provides relief to the damaged and cracked lips.

• It provides protection from the sun as it has an SPF of 15.

• It protects the skin from free radicals and from any type of environmental changes such as pollution etc.

• It prevents moisture loss from the body and the lips.

Elizabeth Arden Eight Hour Cream Lip Protectant Stick Sheer Tint is filled with sunscreen, Vitamin E and emollients. It is available honey, berry, plum, melon, chestnut and blush colors. All the colors look natural and are shiny as well. They are not very intense. All the colors last for a long time. It is made up of petrolatum, vitamin E and beta hydroxyl which is very smoothening for skin. It also provides anti oxidant protection because it has a lot of vitamin E in it. It was awarded the “Best lip balm” by 2007 Allure Editors’ Choice Best of Beauty Award in United States of America.

It gives a protection for at least eight hours to the lips. Once you start using this lip care balm, then you will get addicted to it. This is a very natural cream which provides the best protection to the lips. It keeps the lips very fresh. When this cream came into the market, it immediately became a big success because of the benefits it provides. The story for the name of this cream is also very interesting. It is said that once a client used this cream on the knee of her child and the child was feeling relieved after eight hours. So this cream was given the name of eight hour protection cream. This is the way how this cream got its name.

Source by Christy Mae Delgado

How Dangerous Is Prickly Heat Rash?

Prickly heat rash is more than a skin problem that occurs due to excessive sweating. It can be a dangerous physical condition that affects the entire body. In its most severe form, it can even be life threatening. It should not be taken lightly.

Prickly heat rash is most likely to happen, as you’d expect, in hot, humid weather. The rash looks like an outbreak of tiny blisters that typically cause a persistent itch. It can happen to anyone at any age, but it occurs more often in active children because their sweat glands are not yet fully developed.

There are other names for heat rash, including sweat rash and miliaria. The name miliaria should not be mistaken for malaria, which is a serious disease caused by parasites.

Prickly heat may be caused by bacteria that become trapped in clogged sweat gland ducts. Not only does the skin around these ducts become irritated, but the clogs also prevent sweating. This can have serious consequences. When sweat glands are clogged, the body can’t cool itself efficiently. Trapped sweat eventually causes the blisters to burst, which triggers a variety of problems that affect the immune system, adrenal system, and psychological functions. Some people have described the process as the body cooking itself.

The first symptom to appear when you have prickly heat is a small red rash that usually causes itchiness. The rash may appear in several places simultaneously. The first signs of the rash often show up on the face, neck, under breasts in women or beneath the scrotum in men. It also often appears where clothing rubs against the skin.

Prickly heat is sometimes mistaken for a condition known as shingles, which presents a similar rash. Generally speaking, however, shingles only causes a rash on a single side of the body. Prickly heat symptoms can show up in multiple places, as noted above, and can resemble severe burns. If heat rash isn’t treated, it can grow worse quickly, accompanied by growing pain and discomfort.

When prickly heat is treated, it usually resolves itself in several days. It’s important to stay in a cool or air-conditioned place during recovery, and to avoid sweating. If the blisters turn into open sores, a variety of secondary problems could follow.

There are several types of heat rash. Miliaria rubra is the most common type. Miliaria crystallina is a variety that features tiny blisters that look more like perspiration beads rather than a rash.

A third type called miliaria profunda is known to some as “wildfire.” It is a very severe and dangerous type that results from recurring episodes of miliaria rubra. When you have miliaria profunda, your sweat ducts are entirely blocked, making it impossible to sweat. This can trigger heat exhaustion, severe fever, and other physical problems that include brain damage. It can even be fatal. Miliaria profunda can require a recovery period of five to six weeks.

Source by Neal Kennedy

How to Tell If You Have Over-Processed Skin

A relatively new skin condition has evolved-many doctors call it “over-processed” skin. As the name implies, over-processed skin is caused by an excess of invasive treatments. The skin is so abused that eventually it loses its natural properties-from its appearance to its capacity to heal.

Over-processed skin:

• looks like paper and is void of vital energy;

• displays an uneven color or a great deal of redness;

• is flaky even after exfoliation;

• may exhibit a shine though it is actually dehydrated and taut;

• causes wrinkles and lines prematurely especially around the eyes and upper cheeks.

Too many chemical peels, excessive dermabrasion and maybe even excessive or unsuccessful surgery have affected the skin to the extent that the natural vital flow of energy is blocked. This can create two negative conditions:

• the stripping of trace minerals essential to natural osmosis within the skin layers

• proper fluid movement.

As blood, lymph and water no longer flow properly, the skin is lacking nutrients. Oxygenation does not reach all the layers of the skin. Elimination of toxins is affected. In short, the skin has lost its capacity to hydrate and to heal from within. More procedures only aggravate the condition and skin products no longer produce their former effects.

The very existence of this condition is a sad but very good demonstration of what happens when the skin is not respected for the organ it is, and when it is treated as if it were a mere piece of cloth.

Holistically minded estheticians are alert to these risks and educate their customers that more invasive treatments are not better.

Prevention and Restoration of Over-Processed Skin

Let’s remember that major skin conditions do not erupt overnight unless they are related to food intolerance, chemical poisoning, or infection. Undesirable esthetic manifestations evolve progressively.

It is important to know how to read the signs your skin is giving you. Most skin conditions, including over-processed skin, can be remedied favorably when they are addressed at their early stage. Of course, the knowledgeable esthetician knows how to recognize the root cause of esthetic manifestations and how to select the appropriate energetic tools to use.

Benign conditions left untreated can become chronic over time. This increases the difficulty of resolving them by natural solutions. Often, adjustments to lifestyle must parallel a well-conceived treatment series and home product selection.

Balanced skin is a blessing to be preserved. It can be maintained with good lifestyle habits and personalized skincare regimentation.

Preventive and restorative skincare represents an investment on your part. In view of the high cost and high risk of invasive facial techniques that lead to damaged, over-processed skin, one ounce of holistic prevention is worth a pound of invasive treatment.

Source by Jon Canas

African Black Soap Vs Sea Buckthorn Soap – The Secret End to Eliminating Hyper Pigmentation

Hi, in my name is Rene. I have the condition called hyperpigmentation. For those of you who don’t know what Hyper Pigmentation. For people who do have dark skin, hyperpigmentation is a common problem for them. People with dark skin have more melanin and more melanocytes. A person with dark skin experiences discoloration, it looks like they have brown spots or dark black spots or patches on their face. For people that are lighter skinned, since lighter skinned people have fewer melanin or less active melanocytes, they tend to get more red and pink spots and patches on their face. In this article I will share with you what my experience was using both; Ghana’s Alata or African Black soap as well as the sibu beauty sea buckthorn seed oil soap.

What is Ghana’s Alata or African Black soap?

Ghana’s Alata or African Black soap is actually made in Nigeria in west Africa. I found that after using the original Black soap, it helped relieve acne and oily skin. However I could not feel that it address the hyperpigmentation that had all of my face. I used a Ghana’s Alata or African Black soap for a period of six weeks. I did find after using it my skin did become very soft because the soap itself is very moisturizing. The only one complaint I had was that every time I used it it was very messy. All the soap suds when on my bathroom countertop. And I found that I had to always clean up after myself.

Consumer buyer beware notice; do not buy a fake Ghana’s Alata or African Black soap. What it is is that these fake Black soap’s are actually cheap vegetable oil that’s dyed black. In fact if you use it on a very expensive face towel, it will stay on your cloth and you won’t be able to wash the stain off the cloth. As well it doesn’t contain any of the traditional anti-aging, anti-wrinkle fighting ingredients. In fact the fake Ghana’s Alata can be harmful to your skin because it is chemically processed.

What is Sea buckthorn oil?

It has been named the “Holy Fruit of the Himalayas.” The Latin name for it is called Hippophae rhamnoides. In fact, the Tibetans that live to in the Himalayas would get up at four in the morning to pick this orange colored berry off the sea buckthorn tree. The oil can be extracted from either the seed or the pulp of the fruit. If you want to see the list of ingredients of sea buckthorn oil please visit Sibu.com

How did I get rid of hyperpigmentation?

I’m always on the lookout for an effective product that can reduce unsightly pigmentation marks. So that’s why I made an appointment to see my dermatologist. She’s a nontraditional dermatologist. Her answer to me is not always to have plastic surgery, chemical peels, Botox treatments etc. It was my dermatologist who told me about sibu beauty sea buckthorn oil. Since she’s a vagen, Tibetan Buddhists as well as a 60 year old hippie, she prefers natural products versus man-made chemical products. In fact it was her who warned me against buying wrinkle serums on the market that were not FDA approved.

My dermatologist didn’t do an official research project. This was the expansion cabinet from asking 10 of her patience to use sea buckthorn pulp oil. She said this is a great skin lightening product. She said due to the fact that sea buckthorn has so many antioxidants, Omega 7 and other essential fatty acids that it shows significant promise in helping millions of women who are troubled by issues such as melasma and other causes of unwanted excess skin pigment.

Source by Rene Tse

8 Easy Yet Effective Tips For Beautiful & Healthy Skin

The time has come when the annoying fairness creams and powder commercials should be over and people should be concerned about glowing, beautiful and healthy skin. So, instead of running behind the fairness and white skin tone, let’s break the stereotype and find out how to get beautiful and healthy skin. A beautiful skin should be glowing, fresh, healthy and even-toned. Here are some easy ways and tips for beautiful skin.

Makeup and Bed

The first and the foremost thing you should always keep in mind is that never sleep with your makeup on. Makeup clogs the skin and makes it unable to breathe which leads to skin issues like acne, pimples, dark patches, uneven skin tone, etc. So, it is important to remove your makeup before getting into bed and try to use oils instead of makeup remover.

Sun Kiss

Sun Kiss sounds beautiful, but it is very harmful for your skin. Sun can damage your skin and make it unhealthy. So, it is very important to avoid stepping out during peak hours and if you can’t do this always wear your sunscreen with SPF 30 at least. If you have to be in the field, wear light clothes which cover maximum parts of your skin. Skin exposure leads to tanning, wrinkles, dark patches, age spots and other skin problem.

Eat healthy to look beautiful

Again one of the best tips for beautiful skin is to eat healthy. According to an old adage, it is said that you are what you eat. So, eat healthy and avoid junk foods. Food rich in vitamins, mineral and protein is good for skin while sugary, oily, fried, spicy and unhealthy ones lead to pimples, acne, and other skin problem.

Drink Water

The easiest and simplest way to get beautiful skin is to drink a lot of water. Water helps you to be healthy and makes your skin to look fresh, radiant and glowing as water flushes away all the toxins out of the body. You need to drink at least 8-12 glasses of water each day. Water based fruits and veggies also help you the same way.

Adequate Sleep

We all heard about the beauty sleep which is really effective and one of the best tips for having beautiful skin. Proper and sound sleep of 8 hours makes your skin healthy, glowing, reducing dark circles, eye puffiness and heals the damage skin cells. Also, indulge yourself into ‘before bed’ beauty regime of cleansing and moisturizing for healthy and beautiful skin.

Workout and Exercise

Workouts and exercises are not only good for body but also lead to beautiful and glowing skin. When we do workout we sweat, sweating helps in removing all the dirt, dust and toxins out of the skin and body which gives you radiant skin tone and glow. Workout, yoga, jogging or any other exercise also improves blood circulation and accelerate natural cleaning process of the body.

Tension, Stress are Enemies

Stress and tension are the worst enemies of beautiful skin. Stress leads to aging spots, break outs, wrinkles, eye puffiness, dark circles and dull skin. When the stress hormone cortisol increases, it makes skin oily. So, try to be happy and also practice yoga, breathing exercise and meditation to de-stress yourself.

Home Remedies

The tips for beautiful skin are incomplete without the best treatments which is in your kitchen which all the Indian ladies are using since ages. Milk, turmeric, sandal wood, honey, lemon, rose water, fuller’s earth, fruits, veggies, yogurt, etc. always help you to get beautiful skin. You need to make amazing cleansers, face packs, scrubs from of these ingredients for your skin and see the magic.

Source by Shobhit Kumar

Vitaglow Cream

Vita Glow Skin whitening Cream

Vita Glow Cream is an all-purpose fairness cream

Once Vita Glow Skin Fairness Cream is in action, users need not to pay any extra-attention on their skin care. This is an all-in-one solution for multiple of skin related issues.

The active ingredients present in it, eliminates the layer of dust and dead skin cells very actively due to which the skin looks fresh, fair and healthy. Vita Glow skin whitening cream is useful for both males and females of all ages. This cream is especially formulated with natural ingredients to extra nourish the skin and keep it protected from all types of internal and external damages. Vita glow skin whitening cream drastically reduces melanin concentration in the skin. Melanin causes dark and dull look of the skin. Hence, with the use of Vita glow cream users start to notice changes in skin complexion within a few days. It is the cream of modern times hence, It works quickly, effectively and also improves skin condition permanently.


The essential ingredients of Vita Skin Fairness Cream are as follows –

Water Germ Oil

Jojoba Oil


Sandalwood Oil





Vitamin C

Bee Wax


A close look at the above list reveals that all these ingredients are natural; hence, Vita Skin Fairness Cream can be applied on the face and other affected parts on the body without any side-effects. The naturally extracted ingredients provide all the necessary nourishment and enhances skin’s damage control strength quite remarkably.


Vita glow skin whitening cream has multiple of benefits for the skin. Here are some of them.Vita Glow Cream is beneficial for both men and women. This is the only cream in the world which makes the user fair, bright and attractive in a very short span of time.

It provides fairer skin within 7 days.

It reduces wrinkles, dark circles, and all types of spots without any side effects.

This cream is Equally Best for Normal, Dry and Oily skin.

7 days of regular use makes the skin free from any rashes, pimples and acne.

Protects the skin from bad effects of the sun.

How to Use:

It is to be applied every day before going to sleep at night. The user needs to wash his or her face with soap and gently dry it. Then the cream is to be applied in small amounts through gentle massage.

Source by Swetha Tippareddy

The Bladder – Urge Incontinence


As the majority of cases of urge incontinence are idiopathic, that is, they have no known cause, even after extensive testing, spare yourself the health risks of invasive tests.


  • It is estimated that 34 million Americans deal with overactive bladder, defined as an urgent and frequent need to urinate, or urinating more than 10 times in 24 hours. Most are older than 40, and one-third to one-half are men.
  • Urge incontinence comes on so quickly and so powerfully that there is no time to get to a toilet, even if you are standing right next to one! For some women, even the thought or sight of a toilet causes leakage.
  • There are many causes of urge incontinence. Invasive diagnostic tests requiring catheterizations are best refused, however, as the results are often inconclusive. In general – unless there is a known cause such as an enlarged prostate, a bladder infection, vaginal yeast overgrowth, interstitial cystitis, fibromyalgia, or multiple sclerosis – urge incontinence/overactive bladder is thought to be caused by abnormal nerve signals to the bladder, which initiate spastic muscle contractions and an often uncontrollable need to urinate, even when the bladder is not full.
  • A bladder diary lists the times of day you urinate (including leaks), the amount of urine you void, what you drink and eat and when, and medicines you took. Over a period of a week or two, patterns emerge that can help you retrain your bladder.

“About 30% of women [with overactive bladders] get better simply by understanding what’s happening and thinking about it.”


  • A powerful visualization coupled with a physical trigger can put you in control of your bladder, fast. Choose an image, visualize it repeatedly, then use it to help prevent leaks and urgency. If you visualize for even two minutes a day, you will get results faster than if you take drugs. If you use the physical trigger while you visualize, eventually it, alone, will be enough to control your urge incontinence, you won’t need the visualization any more. Sitting alone, in a tranquil environment (a bathtub is fine), close your eyes and imagine vividly, using all your senses: see the scene, taste it, smell it, feel its texture, listen to it. As in a dream, you can create whatever you want. Take many quiet sessions to make your visualization real; don’t try to do it all at once. Create your own visualization or try one of these.
    • Visualize the nerve message between your bladder and your brain as a stream of water; in your imagination, install dams and locks to slow it down. When you visualize, squeeze your fist in a slow rhythm.
    • Visualize the nerve pathway as a road; set up gates or toll booths all along it, starting at the bladder and working your way up to the brain. When you visualize this, gently bite your lower lip.
    • Imagine a large, strong hand gently pushing up between your legs and comforting you. When you do so, smile.
  • Homeopathic remedies for urge incontinence include:
    • Belladonna: if there are chronic spasms
    • Eupatorium pur.: bladder always feels full
    • Sulphura: urge is sudden and intense
    • Nux vomica: urge accompanied by pain
    • Uranium nitricum: burning pain
  • Biofeedback using electrical or pressure-sensing devices can increase awareness of the bladder, foiling urge incontinence. It is so well-studied, and so effective in relieving incontinence, that Medicare covers the cost.

Everyone who is incontinent has weak muscles. Those with stress incontinence “deny the problem, pay little attention to bladder signals, and are surprised when a slight physical exertion forces urine out. The urge patient, on the other hand, is preoccupied with bladder signals … and rushes to the toilet at the first signals. … the brain learns to stop inhibiting the reflexive contractions of the bladder …”

Leslie Talcott, director Perineometer Research Institute


  • Retrain your bladder to relieve urge incontinence. Since the bladder is only half full when urge begins, countering the urge to urinate, and gradually lengthening the time between visits to the toilet can work wonders. With practice, the threshold of urge is raised and the nerves no longer signal so frequently.
  • Food additives such as MSG, potassium sorbate, aspartame, and food colorings aggravate urge incontinence.
  • Vitamin B12 deficiency – common among vegetarians and epidemic among vegans – can mimic MS, including causing uncontrollable bladder spasms or urge incontinence. Vitamin B12, in its usable form, is available only from milk, eggs, fish, and meat.
  • Including at least 25 grams of real fiber from whole grains, beans, and nuts in the daily diet may significantly ease urinary overactivity and urge incontinence.


  • For men with overactive bladders, herbalist Terry Willard uses a tea of parsley leaf, corn silk, and dandelion leaf to reduce urine acidity and bladder irritability. When needed, he adds wild yam root to soothe or valerian to calm.
  • To counter the heat and reduce the inflammation that underlies an overactive bladder, herbalists in India suggest infusions of soothing herbs like marshmallow root (Althea off.), plantain leaf (Plantago species), or mullein leaf (Verbascum thapsus). For those with severe problems, 1-4 tablespoons of powdered turmeric (Cucurma longa) are added to the daily quart of infusion.
  • Saw palmetto berries, in tincture or tea, relax the smooth muscle in the bladder neck and help reduce overactivity.
  • Herbal nurse Martha Libster reminds us of the usefulness of Chinese ephedra (ma huang) – to reduce mucus surface swelling and relax spastic muscles – when treating an overactive bladder.
  • Acupuncture can bring significant relief from urgency, urge incontinence, and overactive bladder say researchers at the Oregon Department of Health and Science University. Four weekly bladder-specific acupuncture treatments improved bladder capacity, reduced urgency and frequency, and improved the quality of life as well as drug or behavioral therapies.
  • If you can’t get the knack of doing pelvic floor exercises (Kegels), don’t despair. Physical therapists, personal trainers for your bladder, can help you with these critically important exercises.


  • A deficiency of magnesium triggers muscles spasms and incontinence. Supplements of 200-600mg daily may help.
  • Vegans and vegetarians bothered by overactive bladders probably lack vitamin B12 – a critical nutrient found only in animal foods. Supplements or, better yet, a healthier diet that includes organic dairy and meat, are indicated. You may wish to be tested for methylmalonic acid level, a better indicator of deficiency than tests for vitamin B12 itself.


  • Some drugs – such as “water pills” and tranquilizers – cause or aggravate an overactive bladder. Instead, use herbal diuretics such as corn silk, burdock root, and dandelion; they calm the bladder. Tranquilize with bladder friendly St.Joan’s wort (Hypericum perforatum) tincture, a dropperful 3-6 times a day, or motherwort (Leonurus cardiaca) tincture, 15 drops 4-8 times a day.
  • Antimuscrinic or anticholerinergic drugs relax the bladder’s detrusor muscle, extending the time between urge and voiding. They are especially useful for those dealing with traumatic incontinence, but are often suggested as a bridge to control leakage from urge incontinence while lifestyle changes take effect. I wonder how useful this is, as antimuscrinic drugs can take up to three months to be effective, and “side effects may be nearly as troublesome as the incontinence itself.”
  • Detrol (tolterodine), Ditropan (oxybutynin), Enablex (darifenacin), Sanctura (trospium chloride), and Vesicare (solifenacin), can calm an overactive bladder, but dry the mouth and the eyes and cause memory impairment as well as constipation and heart arrhythmias. In one study, three-quarters of those taking 4mg of tolterodine and 0.4mg of tamsulosin, and two-thirds of those taking the placebo, reported improvement after three months.
  • Although lack of estrogen does not cause incontinence, topical vaginal estrogen cream is a fairly safe, and very easy, way for older women to calm a hyperactive bladder.
  • Tofranil (imipramine) is an antidepressant that is used in conjunction with an antimuscrinic to tighten the urinary sphincter and relax spasming bladder muscles. Dizziness, drowsiness, and low blood pressure are side effects more frequent in those over 60.


  • In Europe, injections into the lining of the bladder block the nerve impulse that triggers overactive bladder. This is not yet approved in the USA. But injections of Botox are. The effects – significant increase in bladder capacity before urgency – mimic bladder retraining but only last 6-12 months.
  • Surgical implantation of a sacral neuromodulator can relax bladder muscles and relieve overpowering urges to urinate. This is obviously a last resort.

Legal Disclaimer: This content is not intended to replace conventional medical treatment. Any suggestions made and all herbs listed are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease, condition or symptom. Personal directions and use should be provided by a clinical herbalist or other qualified healthcare practitioner with a specific formula for you. All material in this article is provided for general information purposes only and should not be considered medical advice or consultation. Contact a reputable healthcare practitioner if you are in need of medical care. Exercise self-empowerment by seeking a second opinion.

Source by Susun Weed

Avoid These 6 Hair Care Mistakes

Everybody needs to look great and hair is one element that attracts a considerable amount of attention. In an effort to give your hair the best care, sometimes we ruin it. Let’s take a look at some common mistakes that you should avoid while attempting hair care.

  • Toning It Down Would Be Ideal

A typical error made by people is to utilize excessive hair styling items at the same time. Utilizing more items won’t give you a superior look. To get a natural beauty which looks splendid, just blow dry your hair and utilize one hair styling item which is best on your scalp.

  • Be Careful With The Level Of Heat

Various types of hair can deal with different levels of heat. In the event that your hair is thin, it should not be placed under 130 degree Celsius temperatures and if it’s thick, then the temperature should not be more than 200 degree Celsius. Putting it under more than 200 degree temperature diminishes the quality of hair by up to half. At this temperature, it loses its smoothness. To stay away from this, utilize top notch styling items that let you alter the temperature.

  • You Should Blow Dry

Sometimes people simply neglect the blow drying part and attempt to fix their hair when it is wet since they are in a rush. This should be avoided completely. Never comb while still wet and dry it with a blow dryer or wait for it to dry normally.

  • Avoid Breakage

It may intrigue you to realize that breakage happens due to the least complex, most honest of activities. Brushing thick hair with a fine brush, energetically brushing hair or even brushing wet hair causes breakage. Use styling tools that are basic and powerful like wide toothed brushes. Keeping up a decent diet rich in vitamin C, zinc, iron, biotin, protein and folic acid will avert fragility and breakage.

  • The Secrets Of Drying

Drying using towel may feel great yet it is not so much useful for your strands. Drying with a towel scalp and makes it porous and unprotected. A superior approach for drying would be blotched dry it with a high quality towel or utilize a blow dryer. Brushing in the right direction is vital. Back brushing is not good on the skin, which could result in damage.

  • Excessive Care

Shampooing everyday is totally pointless. To give your hair a good look, just wash it in cold/lukewarm water and afterward blow dry it. You will accomplish better results by washing your hair with mineral water because hard water usually causes dryness.

Source by Pankaj Singhal